2022 Men’s Twilight League Team Results

2022 Men’s Twilight League Team Results

First place with 409.5 points is team #8. Mike LaRue, Chris Berry, John Flynn and Chuck McGarry.

Second place with 397.5 points is team #6. John Smart, Nick Metcalf, Jeff Caples and Brad Jeffery.

Third place with 389 points is team #13. Roger Demouy, Dustin Henderson, B.J. Hults and Roger Hults SR.

Runner up in the 4th spot is team #16 with 379.5 points. Anthony Becker, Vinny Becker, Noah Lowry and Travis Ingram.


We want to thank the 20 teams/80 players including the subs who participated in the 2022 Applegate River Golf Club Men’s Twilight League. Thank you for a great season !!

Thank you Dave Muswieck and Frank Escandon for a great job taking care of our men’s league members for the last 19 weeks !!


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