Member Appreciation Tournament Results

Member Appreciation Tournament Results

We would like to thank our members for their continued support and look forward to the 2020 season. We also would like to thank Casablanca Coffee & Grill for providing the members dinner.


1st place with a score of 31, Tom Van Allen, Butch Thomason, Gene Szewc and Pam Soberanes.

2nd place with a score of 32, Dave Soberanes, Rick Vischer, Darryl Overstreet and Debbie Hull.

3rd place with a score of 33, Mike LaRue, Dan Day, Henry Hather and Dawn Grinager.

K.P. #2 women, Pam Soberanes.

K.P. #7 women, Dawn Grinager.

K.P. #2 men, Tom Van Allen.

K.P. #7 men, Jeff Caples.


Thank you members for giving us the opportunity to appreciate you !!


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