2019 Night Golf Results

2019 Night Golf Results

1st gross with a score of 57, David Comer, Immanuael Byrne, Roger Hults and Logan Genaw.

2nd gross also with a score of 57, Brian Escandon, Frank Escandon, Gauge Meadows and John Smart.

3rd gross with a score of 61, Sam Kane, Will Dillon, Kyle Hiller and Robert Castillo.

1st net with a score of 54, Megan Martin, Miles Martin, Terry Taylor and Andy Secret.

2nd net with a score of 54, Jesse Callas, Cassie Callas, Mike Forshay and Beth Forshay.

3rd net with a score of Stacy Morgan, Rob Lewis, Clay Morgan and Rowdy Morgan.

K.P. #2 men, John Smart.

K.P. #7 men, Alex Mueller.

Straight drive men, Scott Bighamn.

K.P. #2 women, Pam Soberanes.

Straight drive women, Debbie Hull.


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