Jim Hess Memorial Tournament Results

1st place gross with a score of 53, Joe Bottie, Tony Thayer, Doug Phlieger, Dan Bryson and Sean Yarish.

2nd place gross with a score of 61, Frank Thornquest, Larry, Scott Ronlund, Ken Bell and Rob Lee.

1st place net with a score of 48.35, Becky Baier, Mike Robertson, Ray DeRoboam, Mackenzie Powers and Jeremy Powers.

2nd place net with a score of 52.25, Glenn Jones, Jeanne Jones, Butch Ericson, Debbie Hull and Russ Bailey.

3rd place net with a score of 52.5, Pam Soberanes, Justin Soberanes, Scott Rugh, Marla Chase and Dave Soberanes.

Men K.P. #2 front 9, Bob Wood 10’6″

Men K.P. #2 back 9, Tony Thayer 11’6″

Men K.P. #7 front 9, Joe Botti 3’6″

Men K.P. #7 back 9, David McKenzie 17′

Women K.P. #2 front 9, Debbie Hull 28″

Women K.P. #7 back 9, Jeanine Jones 45’6″

Men’s straight drive, Jay Rhodes.

Women’s straight drive, Pam Soberanes.


Thank you to the 55 players who spent their 4th of July morning competing in the Jim Hess Memorial.


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