2018 Home & Home Series with Dutcher Creek

Dutcher came to Applegate with a 17.5 to 9.5 lead from last week. Dutcher added 12.5 points for a total of 30 points to Applegate’s 24 points. Dutcher retains the trophy.

1st gross with a score of 63, Steve Forbes and Tim Lyda.

2nd gross with a score of 71, Brian Escandon and Chuck McGarry.

3rd gross with a score 72, Kevin Clark and Brad Goolsby.


1st net with a score of 53 Sam Wright and Sean Straw.

2nd net with a score of 56, Scott Moore and Ray Gipson.

3rd net with a score of 57, Dennis Robertson and Bill Morgan.


Thank you to all who participated !!


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